The Waiting Diaries: Episode 3

So the last update I wrote, the two week wait was approaching three. In the end, the two week wait turned into four! It was a pretty anxiety ridden month! It’s a way overdue update, so in brief: Ended up doing two weeks of blood tests for hcg. No positive […]


The Waiting Diaries: Episode 2 1

So much for the “two week wait”. Rapidly approaching 3 here and somehow I’m still waiting. How am I feeling? Flat, grumpy, frustrated, anxious, teary, fat, impatient and confused! Artilery boobs are still going strong though. What’s happening in short – I tested out the trigger and booster last week. […]

The Waiting Diaries: Episode 1

So after all the excitement of making eggs, harvesting eggs, fertilising eggs, eggseggseggs, embryo watch, and embryo transfer, comes the waiting. The two week wait or tww. Not so long right? I thought so too. But I’m 5 days in or in IVF terms 5dp4dt (5 days post 4 day […]



IVF Diaries: Days 14, 15 & 16

Can’t quite believe I got so far behind, when realistically between egg pickup and transfer I’ve been in another state with nothing to do but wait! My routine would have been quite different if I was on my own, but somehow with mum here time seemed to slip away from […]

IVF Diaries: Day 17 – Transfer Day!

The big one! The shit getting really real day! The I’m gonna be kinda maybe hopefully pregnant day! Well, I tell ya… Mum sharing my hotel room.¬†You’ve read about the no sleep (me), snoring extravaganza (her) that was the night before eggmas. And here we go again. If I get […]



IVF Diaries: Day 13 1

”Twas the night before eggmas… And all through the hotel, not a creature was stirring except me. Wide awake. And my mother snoring like a freight train! Even with earplugs, no relief in sight (or sound!). So commenced a long night of no sleep before egg pick up morning! It […]

IVF Diaries: Day 12

4mg of melatonin and sweet sweet sleep. For almost 12 whole hours. No alarm clock for Synarel or Gonal-F injection! No alarm clock at all! Bliss! Rancho relaxing day right here. 2 cuppas in bed. An hour in the sun by the pool finishing my book – before the thunderstorm […]



IVF Diaries: Days 10 & 11

It’s been like one loooong day with barely any sleep, so let’s compact this! I survived my last night shift, with some minor headaches, bit of tummy pain and overwhelming tiredness. By the time I got home I was starting to get pretty anxious. I hadn’t packed – I’m the […]

IVF Diaries: Day 9

    Literally swore at my alarm clock this morning. What I’m finding the most brutal? Bloody waking up to an alarm every day to do drugs! So, so, so tired. Generally feeling anxious and cranky-pants today.     I checked in for some advice last night on yoga poses […]



IVF Diaries: Day 8

Day 8 of Synarel and day 5 of gonal-f injections. Was I worried nothing was happening? No longer worried on that one. Feeling pretty uncomfortable now. Definitely bloated and tender. Vaguely nauseated. Belly feels too full to eat comfortably. Constant dull headache. Yup. It’s working. On the plus side, spending […]